Business Owner Stress: 6 Real Ways to Manage It

Since we don’t talk about it, we get to deal with it alone. Small business owners are over-worked, over-stressed and often over-whelmed. And if those things are all “over” you, fixing them is something else you need to add to the list of things to figure out.

Be Like Gerald

It’s incredibly satisfying to connect with a committed small business owner. You feel passion. You feel purpose. You feel intention. You feel like you’re seeing someone in their natural state. You feel it, their employees feel it, and the customer feels it.

Why Can’t My Business Run Without Me?

As a business owner, some days are easier than others, but they’re always stressful. It seems like everyone has problems, but no solutions. You often feel like you’re the only one with a fire extinguisher. You question yourself, “Why can’t my business run without me? Why do my employees need me to hold their hands? When can I take a day off?” These questions are signs of a business that is too reliant on the owner.

What if Profit is Waiting on Vision?

What if there is a direct relationship between a higher valuation, increased profits, and a clear vision of your company’s purpose for being? Mike Williams from Exit Value Advisers tells us that connection is real, and the majority of business owners don’t see it. Do you? See the original article here.