Will you be able to sell your business when you are ready?

Enough of the complexity.  Exit Oasis is a place where a small business owner can learn a simple approach.

We provide great content, motivation, encouragement and coaching for small business owners who want to learn how to build a business they can leave successfully when the time comes.

The Exit Oasis Team

Our Founder:

Mike Finger is a successful small business owner.  Over the last 25 years Mike has bought, built and sold multiple businesses.  Building his first business was a rewarding challenge, but what really captivated him was selling his first business.

Selling that business was a miracle in my life.  It changed everything, but it almost didn’t happen.   I was 10 years in with 50 employees when I found out the business was unsellable.  It was devastating.  But I moved forward and focused on changing a few simple elements in the business.  Those changes made that first sale possible, and it changed my life.  I want to help other small business owners experience that same miracle.

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