This site has one goal: To help business owners learn to leave.

Is your story like ours?   You work uncounted hours and make great financial sacrifices to build a small business.  But when you start to consider the sale of the business, you are met with complexity, high costs and confusion.

Will you be able to sell your business when you are ready?

Enough of the complexity.  You need something different.  Something simple.

Exit Oasis is a place where a small business owner can learn a simple approach.  Where you can learn how to build a business you can leave successfully when the time comes.

Learn to Leave.

The Exit Oasis Team

Our Founder:

Mike Finger is a successful small business owner.  Over the last 25 years Mike has bought, built and sold multiple businesses.  Building his first business was a rewarding challenge, but what really captivated him was selling his first business.

Selling that business was a miracle in my life.  It changed everything, but it almost didn’t happen.   I was 10 years in with 50 employees when I found out the business was unsellable.  It was devastating.  But we moved forward and focused on changing a few simple elements in the business.  Those changes made that first sale possible, and it changed my life.  We want to help other small business owners experience that same miracle.

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