Reaching for Your Business Exit?

How do you get from here to there? Moving from owner to whatever comes next is a scary, complicated and for many of us, a reach. JT Kraai from Exit Strategies 360 shares some basic considerations for business owners to consider.

He Knows the Buyer, Maybe they Don’t Need the Bank?

It’s good to have a little brother, especially if he’s interested in buying your business. Since you know him so well, when the bank won’t play nice, maybe there are other options? David C. Barnett’s call with a small business seller reminds us that there are creative alternatives to explore.

Why are Small Business Sellers So Crazy?

It was an interesting way to start an interview. Why does everyone selling a small business go nutso? I wish I could have challenged the assumption of the question, but I couldn’t. As anyone who has tried to buy a business knows, a high percentage of business owners go whack-a-doodle when they try to sell their small business.

Why Do Small Business Owners Sell Their Business?

It’s an important question: why do owners sell a good business? Here’s a straight-forward answer from David C. Barnett. (Skip ahead to the 1:00 mark for the start of this topic.) Also, congratulations to David for reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! Many small business owners helped along the way.

How To Value A Business

What’s my business worth? As small business owners we ask the question all the time. The problem isn’t a lack of answers, it’s too many answers. Various formulas and rules of thumb leave of us with too many possibilities. Some simplicity would be appreciated. That’s what Matthew Pohl from The Capitalist Alliance offers us in an article that originally appeared here.