Will you be able to Sell Your Small Business?

Will you be able to Sell Your Small Business?

You need a simple answer . . .

. . . but you never get one.

It’s an information desert out there, and you just want a simple answer to the question:

Will I be able to sell my small business?

But wherever you go you find:

  • Advice designed for a business 100 times larger than yours
  • Complex formulas
  • Confusing industry variations
  • Conflicting answers
  • Rules and exceptions to the rules

And you are told over and over . . .

It’s hard to understand. You better leave it to the experts.

That is good advice. So you reach out, and the experts tell you that your business is:

Too small.

Not ready for sale.

Broken, and needs to be fixed.


But how do you do it?


The business brokers understandably need to focus on businesses that are ready to be sold.

The consultants and exit planners justifiably look for businesses that can afford their hourly service rate.

And you, the truly small business owner . . . you continue to search.


Enough of the complexity.

It's time for a simple answer.

"Will I be able to sell my small business?"



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