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Love Their Style, but What About Their Business?

Is this going to be your “end of business” story? It seems like the end should be pre-written. We work hard, and when the time comes someone should buy the business and pay us off for our years of hard work. But for the majority of business owners, that’s not how it works out. Far more common is a situation like Farmer Bob’s.

Your Gear Can Sabotage Your Small Business Sale

20 years was enough. Bill was ready to sell his auto repair shop. At least he thought he was. Bill loved his business, but I didn’t – and neither would potential buyers. The business did decent revenue, and showed a reasonable profit for the market it was in. On paper it was a sell-able business. But during our walk-through of the shop, I was struck by how crowded the space was.

Brutal Seller Honesty

These are true statements for many small business owners. Will you be forced to say these things when you decide it’s time to sell? Is it time for a change.