Business Owner Stress: 6 Real Ways to Manage It

Business Owner Stress: 6 Real Ways to Manage It

Since we don’t talk about it, we get to deal with it alone.

Small business owners are over-worked, over-stressed and often over-whelmed.  And if those things are all “over” you, fixing them is something else you need to add to the list of things to figure out.

As someone who once found himself hiding from employees under his desk, let me just say — don’t wait!

A couple of nights ago, I woke up at 3 a.m. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had a sales call and a client meeting scheduled back to back later that day — and how I needed to figure out a way to cut the sales call short by 30 minutes to fit both in.

I’ve been on hundreds of these calls before, and I’ve managed hundreds of clients in my career/  And that day, I even had other client meetings on my calendar.  None of this was out of the ordinary.

So why was I so stressed out in the middle of the night?

Sujan Patel’s Entrepreneur article discusses some real world ways that you can actively manage stress as a small business owner.

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