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Selling Your Stuff is Different Than Selling Your Business

What does it mean when someone says, “I sold my business?” Is it a real business sale or just a fluffed up, artificially sweetened story?

Why should you care?

Outside In
From the outside all you know is “Jim sold his business”. But that doesn’t make sense, because you know that the business wasn’t making any money. Does that mean you can sell a business even if it doesn’t make any money

Jim sold his business and he never made a penny. I’ll be able to unload my business when I’m ready, no problem.

What if Profit is Waiting on Vision?

What if there is a direct relationship between a higher valuation, increased profits, and a clear vision of your company’s purpose for being? Mike Williams from Exit Value Advisers tells us that connection is real, and the majority of business owners don’t see it. Do you? See the original article here.