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4 Things Disguised as a Small Business

I take pride in saying, “I’m a small business owner”. But if I’m honest with myself, there have been times over the years when I’ve actually been in disguise. Barbara Taylor gives us a great look at four things that masquerade as a small businesses.

Dead Capital in a Business (and Buying a Job)

Great story here from David Barnett. Things get very real at around the 5 minute mark from our perspective. Talk to any business broker and they can tell you stories about business owners who believe in an inflated value of their business. It’s easy to understand why the owner in this story thinks his business should be worth more, but equally easy to understand why a buyer would never pay it.

Poorly Endowed: The Small Business Owner’s Value Dysfunction

I’m sitting across the table from a small business owner (let’s call him Dave). Dave is at the end. His business is failing, or more accurate, the business has failed. It was a new food product – an ice cream treat. Carefully created, developed, tested, launched, distributed and sold. Dave and his wife worked hard.