Author: exitoasis

The Price Is Right – or Is It?

Some see selling a business as constant conflict. Seller against buyer. Attorney against attorney. Banker against . . .everyone? But when it comes to the market value of your business, and the list price, there better be some agreement or you can kiss your deal goodbye. Joe Caffrey’s article below, that originally appeared here, helps explain.

Maybe You Can Just Lie Your Way Through The Sale of Your Business

You want to sell your small business, or worse, you need to sell it. But you haven’t done the things you need to do to build a business you can sell. Now what? Maybe you can just “fudge” the numbers a little? Maybe you can trick your buyer into a deal? Maybe you can fool your business broker? Or maybe you should read Joe Caffrey’s article below that originally appeared here.

Is Your Small Business Ready for Buyer Scrutiny?

Is your business ready for sale? Did you notice how I didn’t ask “are you ready to sell your business?” Too often small business owners confuse those two things to their great regret. It’s great that you want to sell your business, but if it isn’t ready for sale, if it isn’t ready for the high level of scrutiny that prospective buyers will give it, then what you want doesn’t really matter.

If the Customer Disappears, So Does the Sale of Your Business

It’s like a slight-of-hand trick. The customer is there, and then they are gone. As business owners we see customers come and go from our business all the time, but when you are considering the sale of the business the impact is multiplied. Tom Gledhill from Valudriver highlights three simple traits a potential buyer needs to see in your customer base if you want to be able to sell your business. Article originally appears here.

What If My Business Isn’t Worth What I Want?

How much is it worth? So often, the answer to that questions creates a sour look on the face of the small business owner who asked it. But what do you do then? What can you do if “what it’s worth” isn’t “what you want”? Matthew Pohl at The Capitalist Alliance helps us answer that question. Blog post originally posted here.