Author: exitoasis

Why Do Small Business Owners Sell Their Business?

It’s an important question: why do owners sell a good business? Here’s a straight-forward answer from David C. Barnett. (Skip ahead to the 1:00 mark for the start of this topic.) Also, congratulations to David for reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! Many small business owners helped along the way.

How To Value A Business

What’s my business worth? As small business owners we ask the question all the time. The problem isn’t a lack of answers, it’s too many answers. Various formulas and rules of thumb leave of us with too many possibilities. Some simplicity would be appreciated. That’s what Matthew Pohl from The Capitalist Alliance offers us in an article that originally appeared here.

It is Critical to Our Financial Future, and Most Small Business Owners Ignore It

As a small business owner you are crazy busy. Crazy. So it’s understandable why some things, especially things that are “far in the future”, get lost in the details. For many of us, selling our small business is something that we hope will happen someday, and hope is all we do. But we don’t realize the risk that “hope only” approach creates for our financial future.

When Should You Sell Your Business?

I want to sell, but what’s the right time? We had a good year last year, but we have new clients starting next month. I’m ready to get out, but two employees just quit. With variables changing constantly how do you determine when the time is right?…