Author: exitoasis

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

If you’re going to sell your business, you want to maximize the value you recognize from the sale. How do you do that? Chris Jones from Sunbelt Midwest talks us through the three legs of the stool: price, terms and taxes.

Destroying the Myths About Business Valuation

What myths about business valuation do you believe? We’ve talked about the dangers of valuations before, but our friend Clinton Lee from the The Exit Firm reminds us that myths continue to spread. (For those that don’t speak UK remember that turnover is the same as revenue.) Original article here.

I Am in it for the Long Haul – I Do Not Need to Consider an Exit Right Now!

You feel strong. In control. You know exactly where you, and your business, are going . . .and then something changes. Are you ready? Do you know how quickly your situation can change? How quickly your business can change? Mike Williams from Exit Value Advisers tells the simple story of a small business owner that waited too long. No matter how good you feel today, how long will you want to carry the weight? Original article here.

Reaching for Your Business Exit?

How do you get from here to there? Moving from owner to whatever comes next is a scary, complicated and for many of us, a reach. JT Kraai from Exit Strategies 360 shares some basic considerations for business owners to consider.

He Knows the Buyer, Maybe they Don’t Need the Bank?

It’s good to have a little brother, especially if he’s interested in buying your business. Since you know him so well, when the bank won’t play nice, maybe there are other options? David C. Barnett’s call with a small business seller reminds us that there are creative alternatives to explore.