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What Do Buyers Want in a Company?

Interested in selling? How can you make your business stand out? Does your company have what a buyer wants? That’s the question Guy Breading and the team at B2 Business Brokers asks us. See original article here.

4 Stubborn Myths About Selling Your Business

What do you believe about selling your business? Don’t destroy your potential for a deal because you believe one of these deal destroying myths. We’re always excited to share high quality content from around the web. Posted with permission (see original article here).

Run and Hide – The Business Brokers are Coming

5,4,3,2,1, Ready or Not Here They Come Small business owners run and hide, and business brokers seek. It’s a never-ending game that for the broker can be an ego destroying, energy draining effort in futility. And the way small business owners play the game, they often unwittingly destroy their financial future. What if you could change how you play the game and dramatically increase your ability to sell your business?

How NOT To Sell A Business

“Before you list your business for sale you have to know if you have a sell-able, finance-able business” How about a quick five minutes of basic, straight-forward advice for business owners considering the sale of their business?

A Panicked, Financial Warning to All Small Business Owners (Especially the Older Ones).

Most small business owners are sleep walking down a dangerous financial path. 78% of small business owners plan to sell their businesses to fund their retirement. The odds show that the great majority of small businesses will never sell. The retirement plans we have are just dreams. You are not doing what you need to do to make them reality – I know I wasn’t. Wake up!

Being a “Solopreneur” is Sabotaging your Business

The business is too small. How many owners looking to sell have been told “there is not enough here for someone to buy.” It’s hard to hear, but changing that may be more about you, and how you engage the world around you. Tenaya (T.J.) Tison reminds us that to change our small business we need to “get out there.” We love to share great stuff we find online. Reprinted with permission.