Author: exitoasis

Business For Sale: Another Disaster

It’s our escape plan. Our way out. It’s how we are going to put an end to the pain we’re feeling. It’s the sale of our business. But what if it’s just a set up for another disaster like the story Joe Caffrey from Worldwide Business Brokers tells in the post that originally appeared here,…

Are Your “Buyers” Really Buyers?

I’m looking at a small business as a potential buyer right now. The seller is being very cautious. Why? Maybe Joe Caffrey’s article below can help explain. Article originally appeared here, (Note: while the article is targeted to brokers, owners can benefit greatly from learning if their “buyers are really buyers.”

What Happens After You Sell Your Business?

Ahhh . . .retirement. That long rest that comes after the sale of your business. But what if it’s not what you expect? Paul Cronin from The Platinum Years asks an important question in an article that originally appeared here.