Author: exitoasis

What Does it Feel Like to Sell Your Business?

Is it more like bubbling Champagne or a turkey sandwich? We have fantasies. We have dreams. But what does it feel like when you actually make the sale? Unquestionably it’s a little different for everyone, but it’s rare when someone captures the experience clearly.

Take a Vacation if you want to Increase the Value of your Business.

Let’s keep this one simple. If your business is over dependent on you (the owner) it has a lower value to a potential buyer. Owner dependent businesses are hard to sell, and when they do sell they sell for less. Why? Because if the business depends on you to produce the results, then how can the buyer be sure the results won’t go away when you do.

When “Someday” Arrives.

So many owners reject the idea of building a sell-able business because they think that day is far into the future. But there are those of us who have found that “someday” can arrive when you least expect it.

Make sure your Business isn’t Dependent on you

Do you own a job or a business? “If I could change one thing, it would be for owners to build their business, so it could run without them.” The business broker on the panel was asked what the biggest problem is she sees with the businesses she reviews. Over-dependence on the owner was her answer.