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This is why Your Business Won’t Sell

Why it’s Good: The comments. The article is a pretty quick overview, but the comments are particularly valuable. Skim the article and read the comments.What it is: A quick article on reasons a business doesn’t sell, with some strong insightful comments.

Lorraine Murphy: Why I Sold My Business

Why it’s Good: Smart people make plans, but must listen when they tell themselves to change them. ““Everyone knows that there’s a time that comes in your life where you are is not where you’re supposed to be.”

How Passionate Are You About Your Business?

Why it’s Good: There is an honest simplicity in this blog post that’s very appealing. If you’re a business owner, try to capture the truth in this statement: “Things change in your life.” What it is: A quick blog post that touches on the critical importance of passion in the life of a business owner.

Kid’s Lemonade Stand Sells for $500,000

Why it’s good: The expectation gap is the single biggest issue that business owners need to overcome. Almost every business is sell-able, but only for the right price. Do you understand what a buyer’s reality is and why that determines what your business is worth?