Author: exitoasis

Cut Costs – But Then Keep the Savings!

As a small business owner you try to save money, but often you end up spending the money you saved on another part of the business. If you want to sell your business, you need to use the saved money to increase a Seller’s Discretionary Earnings appropriate category.

3 is a Magic Number When Selling Your Business

Your banker knows why 3 is a magic number for a small business seller. When a bank lends money for a business acquisition, understandably the bank looks at the financial results of the business being purchased. The bank wants to know that the business will generate financial results sufficient to pay off the loan incurred to buy the business.

Your Business is Failing – Close it or Sell it?

It’s hard to sell a small business, but it’s even more difficult to sell a failing small business. That said, the prospect of shutting down a small business is terrifying for most small business owners. Many of us mentally escape to the place called “it’s failing, but someone will buy it”.

Want to Sell Your Business? Motivate Your Employees

Are you replaceable? When you own a small business it often seems like you are the business. All roads lead to you. All questions end up on your desk. You are the solver of all problems. Being the owner in that “central” place can be compelling (and addicting), but it also destroys your ability to sell your business.

Successful Business Sale or This?

This weekend I had to “hit the brakes” when confronted with a reminder of why we do what we do at Exit Oasis. I’ve spent the year helping small business owners answer the question “Will I be able to sell my small business?”