Author: exitoasis

What if I Can’t Sell my Business?

Why it’s good: Some of the reasons why the business might not sell. What it is: Short industry specific article that applies to all industries. . . .owners have a tremendous percentage of their wealth tied up in their businesses.

What is a Value Gap and What Causes it?

What it is: A 60 second read on the biggest barrier to selling your business. Why it’s good: Simple, but hits all the highlights. Some business owners are understandably disappointed when they learn that their business is not as valuable as they thought.

5 Ways to Improve the Odds of Selling A Business

Why it’s good: Rock solid, straightforward advice that business owners need to follow. What it is: A quick read article, but exponentially valuable. We wish every article out there was this clear and well written. If there were 5 commandments to selling your business they might be “Thou Shall . . . “

Audio: Why I Sold My Business

Why it’s good: A simple but valuable conversation about the sale of a main street business. What it is: A simple conversation about why he sold his coffee shop. The conversation about the sale starts in earnest at the 6:00 minute mark.

Video: 3 Minutes! How to Value a Company (WARNING – Bad info)

Why it’s Good: A reminder that you can’t believe everything you see. What it is: A 3-minute video, decent quality, that will destroy your ability to sell if you believe it. As we watch more and more online content about selling a business, it becomes easier to understand why so many business owners are so confused about the value of their business.