Author: exitoasis

Get Rid of Difficult Customers

When you start the business, you’re thrilled to add a customer. Any customer. It’s amazing. The fulfillment of your dreams of building a real business. Then as time goes by, you learn that not all customers are built the same. Small Business Owners of the world – vow to work with customers who love and appreciate the value you bring and watch you profits go up!

Balance is Bunk

I don’t believe in balance. Certainly not for small business owners. By balance I mean that idea that you can have all things in equilibrium — with all areas carefully parceled out a fair portion of your time, energy and enthusiasm. I mean, where’s the fun in that?

But What am I Learning Along the Way?

I’m developing a deep hate/love relationship with the internet. I have to say it that way because I hate it so much more than I love it. There’s a lot of bad stuff out there. Stuff that wastes your time. Stuff that promises to give you value, when it just wants to sell you crap. Stuff that’s just bad.