Love Their Style, but What About Their Business?

Love Their Style, but What About Their Business?

Is this going to be your “end of business” story?

It seems like the end should be pre-written.  We work hard, and when the time comes someone should buy the business and pay us off for our years of hard work.  But for the majority of business owners, that’s not how it works out.  Far more common is a situation like Farmer Bob’s.

Farmer Bob believes . . .that the young people who could provide the energy needed to run a business like Alida’s Fruits don’t have enough money, while the people who can afford it are close to retirement and don’t want the extra work.

Read “Farmer Bob’s” story here, and ask yourself, “have I built a business that a buyer might be interested in?”  Or better yet, take our free course and find out:

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