Author: Mike Finger

Inspired by a Schmuck, Now What?

Change the business; change your marketing; change your strategy, but what about change yourself? Change Yourself Whom you spend time with is whom you become I’ve heard this advice before, and it inspires me and terrifies me each time. If you want to make your business something different, you often need to make yourself different first.

What Should You do With an Ugly Baby?

A business broker I know says that a big part of his job is being gentle when he tells small business owners that “they have an ugly baby.” As owners, we tend to have a parental view of our business. Our child is good-looking, strong and has unlimited potential. Anyone who doubts our baby, its possibility, or its value just doesn’t understand how hard we’ve worked to grow the business.

The Hope Destroying Secret That Business Brokers Won’t Tell You

If you own a small business there’s a good chance that you have been approached by a business broker. Have you ever thought about selling your business? Business brokers struggle to get business owner’s attention. They try to figure out a way to cut through the noise. They work hard to get a little bit of your time. Cold calls, advertising, social media, referrals – they hustle to connect with you.

Right Now is a Bad Time to Sell Your Business

It’s time. I’m going to do it. Right now. No more waiting, no more 18-hour days, no more employee headaches. I’ve decided. I’m going to put my business up for sale. Look out! You’ve just made the most expensive decision you’ll ever make, because “right now” is a bad time to sell your business.