Author: Mike Finger

The Problem With Loving Your Business

I can’t think about selling my business because I love it too much. Really? Do you really love your business, or is it something else you love? That’s the question Barbara Taylor asks us to ask ourselves. We’re always excited to share Taylor’s content.

Why are Small Business Sellers So Crazy?

It was an interesting way to start an interview. Why does everyone selling a small business go nutso? I wish I could have challenged the assumption of the question, but I couldn’t. As anyone who has tried to buy a business knows, a high percentage of business owners go whack-a-doodle when they try to sell their small business.

Your Gear Can Sabotage Your Small Business Sale

20 years was enough. Bill was ready to sell his auto repair shop. At least he thought he was. Bill loved his business, but I didn’t – and neither would potential buyers. The business did decent revenue, and showed a reasonable profit for the market it was in. On paper it was a sell-able business. But during our walk-through of the shop, I was struck by how crowded the space was.