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Being a “Solopreneur” is Sabotaging your Business

The business is too small. How many owners looking to sell have been told “there is not enough here for someone to buy.” It’s hard to hear, but changing that may be more about you, and how you engage the world around you. Tenaya (T.J.) Tison reminds us that to change our small business we need to “get out there.” We love to share great stuff we find online. Reprinted with permission.

Why I Love and Support Small Business.

I’m sitting in the rental car in front of the menu board at a large, corporate chain drive thru window and I can’t make an order. It’s been 30 seconds since the voice came through the box asking me “can I take your order?”, and the answer is finally clear – “No”. Because there’s absolutely nothing here I want.

Inspired by a Schmuck, Now What?

Change the business; change your marketing; change your strategy, but what about change yourself? Change Yourself Whom you spend time with is whom you become I’ve heard this advice before, and it inspires me and terrifies me each time. If you want to make your business something different, you often need to make yourself different first.

Get Rid of Difficult Customers

When you start the business, you’re thrilled to add a customer. Any customer. It’s amazing. The fulfillment of your dreams of building a real business. Then as time goes by, you learn that not all customers are built the same. Small Business Owners of the world – vow to work with customers who love and appreciate the value you bring and watch you profits go up!

Balance is Bunk

I don’t believe in balance. Certainly not for small business owners. By balance I mean that idea that you can have all things in equilibrium — with all areas carefully parceled out a fair portion of your time, energy and enthusiasm. I mean, where’s the fun in that?