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How Passionate Are You About Your Business?

Why it’s Good: There is an honest simplicity in this blog post that’s very appealing. If you’re a business owner, try to capture the truth in this statement: “Things change in your life.” What it is: A quick blog post that touches on the critical importance of passion in the life of a business owner.

Why You Will Never Sell Your Business

I’m not a hypochondriac, but sometimes I get worried. It happens on those days when I see an article that asks. . . Do you have these 5 symptoms of throat cancer? If I read the symptoms, and I happen to have 3 out of 5 on that day, I’ll admit to a little anxiety.

Rich vs. King in the Real World: Why I sold my company

Note: We love personal stories about the sale of companies.  It’s a perspective that is very hard to come by (outside of a broker’s endorsement video.)  The “Rich or King” choice might provide an interesting question when you look at how you’re running your company