Why I Love and Support Small Business.

Why I Love and Support Small Business.

I’m sitting in the rental car in front of the menu board at a large, corporate chain drive thru window and I can’t make an order.  It’s been 30 seconds since the voice came through the box asking me “can I take your order?”, and the answer is finally clear – “No”.   Because there’s absolutely nothing here I want. 

After a day of travel where everything starts to look plastic – I know from experience the food here will taste plastic.  Consistent yes, but plastic.

Then, 30 seconds down the road, I see this beautiful menu. 

A dangerously executed U-turn and I am standing here. 

I don’t know the back-story. 

But I know the menu was created by hand by someone who cared about how it looked.  I know the woman who took my order had such a pleasant, genuine smile that I worked to figure some way to increase the size of my order.  I know my food was cooked while I waited, and I didn’t mind waiting.

I know the food was fabulous.   

Thank you for dinner.  Thank you for a real experience in a day of being “processed” by big corporations.

Big has its benefits, but it can’t touch the real, authentic, unique experience of the small business.


Support small business!



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