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Does Your Business Have “Curb Appeal?”

“Let’s do a quick drive-by.” Every decision I’ve ever made to buy a piece of property started with that phrase. What do we check on the drive by? Curb appeal. Jim Grebey knows small business curb appeal is different. “Show me the value!” Jim explores small business curb appeal in this excerpt from his book Moving On — Getting the Most from the Sale of your Small Business.

Does Luck Play A Role In Selling Your Business?

I got lucky. There’s no denying it. I’ve seen too many other owners, smarter than me, who worked just as hard, fall short when they tried to sell their business. I know my ability to sell was part luck, but I was also prepared to take advantage of that luck when it arrived. Louis Pasteur famously said “Fortune favors the prepared.”

Business Brokers . . . Arrgh!

There are some excellent business brokers out there. But then there are some that . . . .well, let’s leave it to Clinton Lee to describe them. This article originally appeared here.