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Is Small Business Profit Hiding from You?

Profit. We chase it. Want it. Find it. Lose it. And chase it all over again. But often we over-complicate it. But too often we lose site of the basics? New products, services, vendors and the media work to convince us that there is a secret formula, some secret product that’s going to make profit appear in our business.

Simple Ways to Increase Small Business Profits

If you want to increase the profit in your business you need to do this one thing . . . Alas, every business is slightly different. It would be great if we could say to every small business owner, “you should all do this, exactly this way, to increase your profits.” The problem is that whatever “this is” some of you already doing it, and some of you couldn’t do it even if you wanted to.

4 Steps to 5X Growth in Your Small Business

For the small business owner “getting big enough” can seem overwhelming. This article does a good job of calling out the difference between the initial “hustle” phase and what comes next. To build a sellable business many times we need to grow — do you know how?

Cut Costs – But Then Keep the Savings!

As a small business owner you try to save money, but often you end up spending the money you saved on another part of the business. If you want to sell your business, you need to use the saved money to increase a Seller’s Discretionary Earnings appropriate category.