Don’t Listen to Me, Don’t Listen to Them – Listen to Yourself and Your Customer

Don’t Listen to Me, Don’t Listen to Them – Listen to Yourself and Your Customer

It’s a bouncy ride.  Starting something new.  Growing a business.  Trying to figure out how, or if, something you’ve been working on is going to become a successful business..

And there’s a lot of noise along the way — way more today than there used to be.

  • Do it this way instead.
  • Why did you make it look like that?
  • What was she thinking?

Being a business owner makes you a target — by your own choice.  You’ve put yourself, and your business, out there to be embraced or rejected by prospective customers and the public alike.  

That’s a difficult place to be.  Don’t complicate it by listening to those whose voices will never positively impact your journey.

Kimanzi Constable’s Entrepreneur article “Build the Business You Want Because Nobody Is Going to Pay Your Bills” is right on target.

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you’re likely to see a post from an entrepreneur making fun or taking shots at people who make money teaching other people how to make money. You’ll see entrepreneurs complaining about how other entrepreneurs market their business, how they build their email list, what they create content around and 100 other complaints. You’ll see entrepreneurs taking shots at how various other entrepreneurs generate income and their business model. 

Here’s the thing: when you see these types of threads — and all the other people jumping in and agreeing — it affects you in ways you don’t realize. You start to think that you need to change what you do or change the way you operate your business. You overthink and become timid. You stop doing all the things it takes to help your business grow. You let their words get into your head and cause doubt, fear and a general negativity that will affect the action you take.

When you question whether they’re right, you start to feel you might be wrong.  

While it’s always good to re-examine your strategies in your business, there’s a difference between an audit and caving to unnecessary pressure and drama. Don’t let anyone dictate how you live your life and build your business. You can easily become a prisoner to what others think you should be doing. This is your life and you only get one of them. You are building your business and no one else is going to pay your bills. Stop letting other people or entrepreneurs take away your power!

We encourage you to learn to leave — but do it your own way.

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