The Sell Your Business – Free Book Library

The Sell Your Business – Free Book Library

Welcome to the largest (only?) online listing of free books about selling your small business.

This resource is provided for small business owners trying to learn how to sell a business.

Please Note:

Reader Beware:

We provide no opinion about the value or accuracy of information provided in the books, or the organizations offering the resources listed below.  Please let us know if your experience with a resource leads you to believe it should be removed from this library.


With each listing we’ve included your requirements for accessing the free resource.  Most of the sites require sharing of your contact information to receive the book.


Like to have your resource added? Simply send us a note through the contact page on this site. Same if you’d like your book removed from this resource list.

Books are listed in alphabetical order by title.


The List:

Title: Are You Ready to Sell Your Business?

Author: Dr. Nolan Duck

Requirements: Name/Email



Title: Cashing Out of Your Business

Author: Katheen Richardson-Mauro & Jane M. Johnson

Requirements: Sign up for free membership




Title: The Complete Guide to Selling a Business

Author: Jacob Orosz

Requirements: Email Address



Title: Crossing the $5M Goal

Author: Mark Mraz

Requirements: Name/Email



Title: Don’t Sell Your Business Yet

Author: The Partners at Vesticor Mergers & Acquisitions

Requirements: Contact Information



Title: 11 Reasons Why You Will Never Sell your Business for the Money You Deserve: And What to do About It.

Author: Justin K. Cauley

Requirements KindleUnlimited



Title: Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth

Author: John M. Leonetti

Requirements: Name and Contact Information



Title: Financial Latte – I want to Sell My Business

Author: Joseph E. Poff, CPA

Requirements: KindleUnlimited




Title: Guide to Selling Your Small Business

Author: Barbara Findlay Schenck

Requirements: Contact Information



Title: How to Sell a Business for What it’s Really Worth

Author: Gerry T. Pandaleon, CPA, CMA

Requirements: KindleUnlimited



Title: How to Sell My Own Business

Author: David C. Barnett

Requirements: Audible


Title: How to Sell Your Mid-Size Business

Author: Ney Grant

Requirements: Contact Information



Title: Secrets to Selling Your Business

Author: IAG

Requirements: Contact Information




Title: Sell a Business: a Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Adam Bannister

Requirements: KindleUnlimited




Title: The Private Business Owners Guide To Leaving Business in Style

Author: Josh Patrick

Requirements: Contact Information



Title: The Seven Figure Exit Plan

Author: Trent Lee, MBA

Requirements: KindleUnlimited



Title: Ultimate Sell Your Business Faster Guide

Author: BizProfitPro

Requirements: Contact Information



Title: The Uncensored TRUTH About Exit Strategies

Author: Kerry Boulton

Requirements: Contact Information




Title: When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

Author: Richard Mowrey

Requirements: KindleUnlimited



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