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Why Your Business Needs a Curmudgeon

I remember my first curmudgeon. It was a summer internship and I watched in awe as this old, grizzled veteran took swipes at management directives. Difficult, grumpy . . . and almost always speaking from a common sense truth lost on those sitting in meeting rooms higher up. I saw him at the time as trouble, now I realize how important his voice was.

Would You Work for You?

T.J. Tison helps us see the real benefits of building a business you’d be willing to work for. See original article here. What are the 3 worst words a person can utter in their lifetime? “It’s a job.” These were the words of a former co-worker of mine when I asked how things were going.

When Your Business Outgrows Your Original Team Members

The early, and best, employees I hired in my first small business were generalists. Flexible, skilled in different areas, they could do a little bit of everything. They were awesome, and exactly what we needed. Their willingness to try and do different things was critical in helping my little company take on new projects and grow.

Is Your Small Business Team Stuck?

It might feel like it’s too late. You’ve run the business a certain way for a long time, and it feels like maybe your employees are stuck in a rut. Now, even when you try to do something different, your long-time employees just role their eyes. “Just wait, it will go back to the way it was”, you hear them say.

Keep Your Remote Team Connected to Your Vision

Building a team is especially challenging as more and more teams are connected electronically instead of face-to-face. But that distance doesn’t change your need to grow and develop them into a cohesive working group. In this employment environment where it’s thrilling just to find someone to take the job, it’s easy to forget . . .

Want to Sell Your Business? Motivate Your Employees

Are you replaceable? When you own a small business it often seems like you are the business. All roads lead to you. All questions end up on your desk. You are the solver of all problems. Being the owner in that “central” place can be compelling (and addicting), but it also destroys your ability to sell your business.