Why Does a Complex Topic Require a Simple Approach?

Why Does a Complex Topic Require a Simple Approach?

Some will hate the idea that you can choose a simple approach to the question: will I be able to sell my small business?   Some will even claim it’s dangerous to step outside of the complexity that defines this topic.

But finding a simple approach to a complex topic is not unique; in fact, it’s the only way to make a dramatic impact.

Your Personal Health is Complex 

Genetics, disease, health-history, medicines, side-effects and uncounted other variables impact your personal health.  Everyone understands that medical science is complex.

You are Unique. . . but You are Not that Special

Even with the complexity, medical professionals stress that we are more alike than we are different.  The fundamentals of good health are the same for me as they are for you.  That’s why you and I will get the same answer if we ask different doctors, “what do I need to do to live longer, avoid disease, and improve my health?”   

The Answer: Eat Right and Exercise

You know that your health is complex, but you accept the wisdom in the simple answer.  The advice to “eat right and exercise” tells you that your health is in your control – not your doctor’s.  It focuses your energy.  You can make decisions every day that dramatically change your health.

Will I be Able to Sell My Small Business?

Ratios, formula’s, industry specifics, changes in market conditions, financing, competition, technological changes and uncounted other variables impact your ability to sell your business.

This is a complicated subject, but certainly not as complex as medical science.  So where is your “eat right and exercise” answer for “will I be able to sell my business?”  

Your Business is Unique . . . but it’s Not that Special

Small businesses are not really that different from one another when it comes to what makes them easy to sell.  The basics are the basics – and focusing on those basics is the key to creating the biggest impact on your business.

But You’re Leaving out Really Important Issues

Yes.  That’s the price that’s always paid for simplicity.  “Eat right and exercise” leaves out thousands of topics that might have a huge impact on your health even if you “eat right and exercise” perfectly.    In the same way, taking a simple approach to selling your small business leaves out issues that could impact your ability to sell.

But you can’t prioritize everything – and those that try to, end up doing none of it well.  A simple approach helps the small business owner focus their limited energies in the most critical areas.  Change your business by following the simple approach and you overwhelmingly improve your ability to sell your business when you are ready.

Complexity is Complicated . . . Dramatic Improvement is Not

A simple approach does not diminish the need for the broker, valuation specialist or exit planner, any more than “eat right and exercise” eliminates the need for the doctor or medical specialist.  The average business owner should not try to master the complexity of this topic (we certainly don’t advocate a “go it alone” approach) but regrettably, complexity is all that’s offered.

Already overworked, the small business owner’s best chance to build a business they can sell is to focus their resource, time and attention where they can make the biggest impact.    It’s time to leave the complexity to the experts and focus on the incredible impact of a well-executed simple approach.

Complexity abounds – but you can look beyond it, take control and dramatically improve your chance to sell your business with a simple approach.

Are you ready for A Simple Approach?  Meet Bill, Your Potential Buyer.

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