Want to Sell Your Business? Motivate Your Employees

Are you replaceable?    

When you own a small business it often seems like you are the business.  All roads lead to you.  All questions end up on your desk.  You are the solver of all problems.

Being the owner in that “central” place can be compelling (and addicting), but it also destroys your ability to sell your business.    

A buyer can only buy a business if the current owner is replaceable.     

One of the keys to being replaceable is for you to do less, and for your employees to do more. 

Are your employees motivated?  Can they (and do they) “get it done” without you there?   Are you exploring different methods and techniques to increase their motivation?

Need some inspiration? These 14 techniques are curated from entrepreneurs who know how vital and effective motivating your employees is to a successful business.

1. Gamify and Incentivize

3. Set Smaller Weekly Goals

4. Give Your Employees Purpose

5. Radiate Positivity

6. Be Transparent

7. Motivate Individuals Rather Than the Team

8. Learn What Makes Each Employee Tick

9. Reward Based on Feedback

10. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

11. Have an Open-Door Policy

12. Let Them Lead

13. Show Them the Bigger Picture

14. Create Recognition Rituals 

Excerpted from: Inc.com, lya Pozin, "14 Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Employees"

Get replaceable. Get them motivated.

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