Selling your Business? Prepare first Because “Time Wounds all Deals”.

So many owners wait until they are “ready to sell” before they start getting ready to sell.    That’s a problem.  Going in unprepared, there are multiple issues that can arise during the sale process that cause delay, and only then does the business owner learn the meaning of “time wounds all deals”.

Rose Stabler writes an article in Divestopedia that talks on the danger of delay, and 14 keys to avoiding the delays that kill deals.

When selling a business, time is not your friend. Time is the enemy of all deals. In fact, "time wounds all deals" is an expression that can be associated with a number of different industries, but is especially relevant to business acquisitions. So, the key to a successful deal is to prepare well, come out strong and maintain momentum throughout the business sale process.

Read the Article Here

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