Key Legal Issues that Successful Business People Consider When Selling a Company

 Note:  A quick read on some key legal issues, but it begs the question "why even link to something like this when there is so little meat on the bones n the answers?"  Too often as business owners we get our introduction to issues related to selling our business by taking a deep dive.  We go to the two hour program on ESOP's and get buried in the details of one of a dozen different exit options.  We think articles like this are important because they give you a broad sense for the landscape.  Then you can choose where to go from there. 

Questions the article tackles:

  1. Process.

  2. Due Diligence.

  3. Term Sheet Negotiation.

  4. Basic Economics.

  5. Earn-Out.

  6. Closing Adjustment.

  7. Taxes.

  8. Structure.

  9. Ongoing Ownership.

  10. Employees.

  11. Closing.

  12. Consents.

  13. Representations.

  14. Indemnification.

  15. Escrow.

See the answers here:

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