Category: Selling

Meet the Average Small Business Buyer

Who’s going to buy your small business? It’s a big question, and one that’s obviously impossible to answer with certainty before a sale happens. However, we can get a sense for what the “average” small business buyer might look like.

Right Now is a Bad Time to Sell Your Business

It’s time. I’m going to do it. Right now. No more waiting, no more 18-hour days, no more employee headaches. I’ve decided. I’m going to put my business up for sale. Look out! You’ve just made the most expensive decision you’ll ever make, because “right now” is a bad time to sell your business.

Successful Business Sale or This?

This weekend I had to “hit the brakes” when confronted with a reminder of why we do what we do at Exit Oasis. I’ve spent the year helping small business owners answer the question “Will I be able to sell my small business?”

What Does it Feel Like to Sell Your Business?

Is it more like bubbling Champagne or a turkey sandwich? We have fantasies. We have dreams. But what does it feel like when you actually make the sale? Unquestionably it’s a little different for everyone, but it’s rare when someone captures the experience clearly.