Less than 20% of small businesses will ever sell successfully.

Will you be able to sell your business when you're ready?


Learn to leave.

We've designed a course specifically for small business owners like you.


Are your business exit dreams possible?

Learn the simple answer.


Will you be able to sell your business when the time comes?

Our online course will help you find the answer.
Learn to Leave

Learn what a business you can sell looks like.

See the Future Clearly

Look forward and plan for an easy exit.

Understand Your Position

Determine what steps you'll need to take to ensure your business succeeds.


By the Numbers

Of businesses aren't sellable in their current condition.
Of business owners expect to sell their business to fund their retirement.
Of businesses listed for sale actually sell–most businesses simply aren't ready!

Learn Now, So You Don't Have to Worry Later.

We've created an online course that helps you learn how to build a business you can leave successfully when the time comes. Full of essential, real-world, simply explained elements that every small business owner must know if they are serious about selling their small business.
8 Chapters
Up to 3 Hours

Mike Finger

"Selling my first business was a miracle in my life. It changed everything, but it almost didn’t happen. I was 10 years in with 50 employees when I found out the business was unsellable. It was devastating. But we moved forward and focused on changing a few simple elements in the business. Those changes made that first sale possible, and it changed my life. We want to help other small business owners experience that same miracle."

Will I be able to Sell My Small Business?

Learn the questions to ask to know if you’ll be able to sell your small business when you are ready.


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