Coaching Services

Coaching Services

“It was the best thing I ever did.”

Dear small business owner,

This note is just for you. 

You’re here because you want to learn more about creating a business you can sell when you want to.  

Understandably, that topic might make you nervous. 

Please don’t be.  I’m going to make it simple.

What do you do?

I coach small business owners who want to prepare their business for sale; although, ultimately, I don’t care if you choose to sell the business.  Our work together will focus on helping get the business ready so you can make that choice, when and if you want to – and in the meantime, you benefit  from the many improvements that we make in the business.

How do we do it?

You and I work together, using a proven curriculum, to evaluate and then improve the results of your business.  After a simple intake process designed to help me learn about the business, it only takes a small investment of time from you each month.  Clients are seeing massive, real, measurable results in their business from this work.

What does it cost?

The accurate answer is that “it depends”, but the simple answer is that most clients utilizing my coaching services are paying around $500/month.   Surprised?  Don’t be. This program is designed, and priced, for true small business owners.

What should you do next?

I’m an easy guy to talk to, and that’s what should happen next.  You and I should have a simple conversation.   We’ll talk about your business, what you want to accomplish with it, and I’ll answer your questions about ways we can work together to create the results you want to see in your business.  No obligation, no cost, no hard sell. 

Want to wait and think about it longer?

I helped Jaime prepare her business, resulting in a successful sale.  Her biggest regret?  That she waited to reach out and start the process.  That delay added another year of “being miserable and unhappy.” 

Right now is the best time to reach out .

That’s it. 

Are you ready to take real steps towards successful results that will allow you to exit from your business when you are ready?

The next step is up to you. 

The ones after that we can take together.


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