Can a buyer duplicate your results?

Once you understand The Simple Approach that "my results buy my business" you must ask three questions:

1. Are your results desirable? 2. Can a buyer duplicate your results? 3. Can you document your results?

Do these two things to ensure your buyer can duplicate your results.

  1. 1) Build a team.
  2. 2) Build systems.

“I don’t know why Brian thinks he can sell the business.  He is the business.”

Brian’s wife looked worried as she made the statement.  She works in the business with Brian.  They are partners, but everyone knows it’s Brian’s business.

She continues, “Everything has to go through him first.  Everyone knows that a decision hasn’t really been made unless Brian signs off.  The customers only want to talk to him.  He loves being the center of everything.  The place just shuts down when he’s not here.” 

She concluded, “I don’t know how this place would work without him, but he’s convinced that he can sell it to someone.  He doesn’t want to run the business anymore, but he won’t stop doing everything himself.”

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