Are your results desirable?

Once you understand The Simple Approach that "my results buy my business" you must ask three questions:

1. Are your results desirable? 2. Can a buyer duplicate your results? 3. Can you document your results?

To prepare for a sale, the first step you need to consider is your own results as the owner.

  1. 1) Increase your seller's discretionary earnings.
  2. 2) Improve your job.

“Why would anyone pay you $50,000 for the opportunity to work 90 hours a week at $5/hour?”

I asked a business owner that question. She thought her business should be worth $50,000 to a potential buyer, even though she had to work non-stop for less than minimum wage just to keep her business alive. She thought those results would be desirable to a buyer. She was wrong. 

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